I am fascinated by the design of surfaces and spaces.

I have always enjoyed painting and designing. My first career aspirations were to be a painter or a potter. Growing up, I didn't know anything about the profession of gilder. The first time I found out about this profession was at the careers advice service after high shool graduation.

Gilder - that sounds good, I thought to myself.

And I started the three-year apprenticeship to become a gilder in a picture frame workshop in Berlin.

After that, I wanted to study something else. The only craft-oriented course I could think of was scene painting. So I studied scene painting at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.

Back in Berlin and after gaining some professional experience, I founded my company GOLDSACHS in 2012.

In the beginning, I carried out smaller jobs alone in the workshop. With the unexpected large commission at the Berlin State Opera in 2017/2018, my company grew and with it my experience.

Since then, I have specialized in architectural gilding and work with a well-coordinated team of colleagues and restorers on construction sites in and outside Berlin.

In addition to on-site commissions, I am still interested in mobile objects that can be worked on in my workshop.

After more than 10 years of self-employment, I decided to attend the master school for the gilding trade in Munich - the only one in Germany.

Since summer 2023 I am a master gilder  and would like to pass on my knowledge and experience of this craft.