The leaves of the ginkgo tree are artfully coated with wafer-thin metal leaf, emphasizing their delicate structure. A high-quality gray frame made of passe-partout cardboard makes it easy to hang the gilded ginkgo leaf on the wall. If required, other leaf metals can also be used for the gilding.


Three bespoke canvases were made with 22 carat real gold leaf. The surface was carefully worked with a brush and palette knife to create a textured surface in a color that blends harmoniously with the wall. Each canvas measures 300 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm and was created in Berlin. These artworks were made for a private client.


The canvas has been gilded with 23 carat gold leaf and measures 50 x 60 cm. Despite the gilding, the texture of the canvas is still visible. No final varnish has been applied.


This cylinder sundial was turned from lime and has a fold-out shadow caster which is gilded with brass. The use of poliment gilding, etching and engraving contributes to the artistic design. With a height of 45 cm (without the shadow caster), this sundial has an imposing presence.