GOLDSACHS stands for high-quality gilding with leaf metals.
We refine surfaces of all kinds with the precious and wafer-thin metal leaves made of gold, silver, copper, platinum and other metals.
The craft of gilding has existed in virtually unchanged form for over 4000 years. Michelle Sachs, the founder of GOLDSACHS, learned it in a picture frame workshop and is now a master in the craft of gilding.
Our commissions range from small objects such as gilded ginkgo leaves to large building sites such as the State Opera in Berlin. We restore picture frames and create modern interiors, e.g. for designers and architects.
Together with colleagues and restorers, we have already gilded hundreds of square meters of wall and ceiling surfaces.


We are mainly based in Berlin and also look forward to projects that require us to travel throughout Germany and Europe.
At GOLDSACHS, personal contact with the customer is very important. We take the time to advise them and develop the right solution together.

We want to beautify the world a little and inspire people to enhance their surroundings. A well-made gilding can enchant and make the object and the viewer shine - at first sight and again and again.

Please give us a call or send an email to Michelle Sachs: 0049 173 3187 243,

Noble shine & magical radiance

Almost anything can be gilded. The wafer-thin gold leaf is applied to the prepared object with a fine brush made from squirrel hair. The essential steps are carried out beforehand. Preparing the surface requires a wide range of material knowledge and experience in working with different surfaces such as wood, metal, glass or stone.

In addition to gold leaf , leaf metals include silver leaf and palladium leaf as well as over 20 different gold leaf alloys. The metal leaf is made from brass, copper or aluminum and is about 2000th of a millimeter thin. 

We carry out:

  • Gilding: Poliment gilding, oil gilding, reverse glass gilding, etc.
  • Surface design of objects, wall and ceiling surfaces with color and leaf metals
  • Restoration and refurbishment of picture frames and mounted objects

We also work with restorers for wall and ceiling paintings, wood, metal and paintings.


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